Book Selling Fee Comparison

At Bookblues, we believe that the Author-Publisher should keep the profits of their book, and not pay expensive commissions and processing fees. Use our cost calculator below to figure out how much money you will save selling your books on Bookblues.

Simply enter the price of your book into our calculator, and it will show you the savings you will get using

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Credits to Seller



Item Price ($10.00 x 1)

$10.00 $10.00

Shipping Fee ($3.99 x 1)

$3.99 $3.99

Total Sale

$13.99 $13.99

Selling Fees



Commission Fee 15% x $10.00

No Charge $1.50

Closing Fee

No Charge $1.35

Fixed per-item fee

No Charge $0.99

Total Selling Fee per Book

No Charge $2.85

Author Paid

$13.99 $11.14

Cost to Sell 25 Books*

$14.99 $108.75

Cost to Sell 50 Books*

$14.99 $217.50

Cost to Sell 100 Books*

$14.99 $435

Cost to Sell 500 Books*

$14.99 $2175

Cost to Sell 1000 Books*

$14.99 $4350

BookBlues Monthly Book Listing Fee per title

$14.99 $0

*The above comparison pricing is using the Basic Listing Fee on Bookblues vs the Amazon Individual Plan Fees as of 1-1-2015.