Our Company

In 2014, Bookblues was founded by Tim Simpson, the owner of DiggyPOD (an online book printing company). Tim has listened to the DiggyPOD customers over the years and has heard how much it cost to sell books on various websites.

At Bookblues we believe that the Authors and Publishers should keep 100% of the profits, after all they are the ones who own the book.

Bookblues does not charge a commission on the sale of the books, but instead uses a monthly seller subscription and listing fee method. Authors and Publishers can list their books for a small fee each month, and not have to pay the high cost of commissions other websites charge. The buyers buy books directly from the Author and Publishers.

Bookblues is one of the first book selling websites that actually lets the Buyer ask the Author or Publisher a question about the book, and get an answer from them.  Not too many sites allow this type of author interaction.

Feel free to browse our website, and remember:

"When you are feeling blue, pick up a great book at Bookblues to raise your spirits".