Bookblues Fee Schedule

Listed below is the Fee Schedule and the Shipping Fee Schedule that Bookblues uses.  The Listing fees are paid to Bookblues, and the Shipping Fees are charged to the buyer and sent to the seller's PayPal account for the shipping.  The only other fees you will be charged are from for processing the credit card transaction. PayPal charges 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.  PayPal offers better rates based on the amount of monthly sales you receive.

You can also use our Fee Calculator to compare Bookblues fees to our competitors.

Listing Fee Schedule:

Basic Listing

 $14.99 per Month*

Feature on Homepage

 $19.99 per Week*

List at Top

 $9.99 per Week*

Show as HOT

 $5.99 per Week*

Basic Listing- The Basic Listing is valid for 1 month (30 days) from date of approval. This feature allows the book to be listed on in three separate categories of your choosing. It also allows you to interact with the purchasers of your book, update your listing, shows quantities in stock and allows you to show an author bio associated with the listing. 

Feature on Homepage- This option will show your listing on the homepage of and will allow more buyers to potentially view your book first. It can be purchased individually in 1 week (7 day) increments, or in addition to our Basic Listing option. The listings on the homepage will rotate based on how many sellers have purchased this listing option, and it is not guaranteed to be on the homepage at all times.

List at Top- This option will display your book at the top of your main category for your listing and is a great option for when you want to market your listing to a certain audience.  The book listing may rotate based on how many other books are also using this feature, and your book is not guaranteed to always be at the very top. This feature can be purchased individually in 1 week (7 day) increments, or in addition to the Basic Listing

Show as HOT- This feature adds a "HOT" graphic in bold colors next to your listing to draw the attention of potential buyers. It can be purchased individually in 1 week (7 day) increments, or in addition to our Basic Listing option. 


Shipping Fees

USPS - 3 to 8 Business Days


USPS - Priority Mail 1 to 3 Business Days



The above shipping fees are paid by the buyer and transferred to the seller’s PayPal account along with the listing price of the book. Please verify the weight of the book in the packaging you are using with the United States Post Office.  If the shipping fee will not cover the cost of the shipping and packaging, we suggest that you increase the price of the book to make up the difference.

For the USPS 3 to 8 Business Days, we recommend that you use either First Class Mail or Media Mail.  Use the USPS for the Priority Mail, and please keep in mind that you need to ship the items quickly to keep your customer happy and pleased with your service. You can use Fedex and UPS to ship your books, but you will find that the United States Postal Service will have the best rates.